What do I do?

I am a moderator over on r/LasagnaCat on Reddit and spend my days making node.js applications mostly. I am currently working on making an AI which will make unique Garfield comics.

Making Discord Bots & Assorted Garfield Memes


This is where I will keep the invite links along with a small description for each of my discord bots. (note: many of the bots have not been configured to work on other servers and thus will not have a link which is the main reason I am switching to paid hosting from glitch)


This page includes links to all social media I am currently active on if you need to contact me for any reason.


Here you will find a breakdown of all my currently published software all of which is open source so you can download and modify it to your heart's content. If you do choose to modify any of my software please contact me if you wish to publish it. You can modify without my permission but you cannot publish that modified software without it.